Our Story

Concerning Green and Root
Any gardener can avow, where there’s green, there is root. The two are beautiful in their compliment, nourishing one another and bringing forth an abundance of fruit and seed. The same can be said for the creative harvest of recording artists Green and Root.  In their debut CD entitled, Down That Road, Green and Root introduce their honest, insightful and soul feeding music. Branching out from the work of their musical influences while immersed in the fertile soil of The San Francisco Bay Area, these two are both digging deep and reaching high. Their songs bridge compelling yet competing themes: cancer and sustainability, home and overdevelopment, growing up and staying innocent, conformity and diversity, old fashioned love and internalized hatred.

Delivered within moving melodies, driving rhythm and memorable harmonies, the album springs to life with Root’s favorite song “Home.” In this song Green beckons irresistibly to let go of “work” and come on home to the needs of the heart.

“Lift my Head” is a battle cry of the heart. When you learn the cancer has come back after a valiant and brutal struggle, how do you keep on fighting? The song is a call to be strong and positive. In “Lavender Bowers”, the question is raised… “what happens to the spirit of the land when a forest is razed?” The song invites the nature spirits back into the city by planting trees and growing lavender bowers

Green grew up in the big city of Los Angeles. Singing and playing guitar and piano were the ways that she learned to express herself early on. She became a Landscape Painter in college, which helped her to realize she needed to get away from the city. She moved into a solitary one room cabin in the Oregon backcountry and learned to live very close to the land, hauling water, chopping wood, growing vegetables and making music to her hearts content. That’s when the songs began to come. She moved back to the city with dreams of becoming a recording artist, while she worked as a gardener to keep her hands in the earth.

Root grew up in a big family in western Pennsylvania singing Irish folk songs with the her clan… the best ones made everybody cry. At heart, she is a philosopher. She set out from dreary Pittsburgh one summer on her motorcycle with some camping gear and a guitar. A swirl of events ensued which landed her in the Bay Area amidst a budding musical community. She and Green recognized their soul connection from the moment they met. With a big heart, her soft alto voice and saddlebags overflowing with philosophy, story and song, she brings down home warmth to the duo.


The duo had taken a few years off from touring to start a family and are again writing, recording, and performing locally in the Bay Area and Southern California.